Tuesday 13 December 2022: Andrew is SewAndrew and he has a history of learning skills and then teaching them to his local community. This includes his teaching sewing to the local community.

He’s a hairdresser by trade and was a professional dancer and with both of these talents, Andrew gives back to the community by teaching.

Here’s where you can find more about Eco Life Eastbourne where Andrew has been running in person sewing classes for the community.

Eloise is one of his loves that he sews for on a regular basis and you can see why from these photos.

Andrew’s first real sewing project was a waistcoat that he sewed with a costume designer who guided his sewing. He’s not looked back since that time.

Here’s a link to l’elegance shirt sewing pattern and other mens sewing pattern by Patrons Le BG or find their patterns at their dealers. There are many men’s sewing patterns at Ma Petite Mercerie.

The two pattern books Andrew mentioned as great mens sewing pattern resources were:
The Gentlemen’s wardrobe by Vanessa Mooncie
Men’s clothes for all occasions by Toshio Kaneko

Andrew makes a good point that if you are using patterns from the same company, after making your body adjustments to your first pattern, as you use more of these patterns the adjustments you made to subsequent patterns are the same as your first pattern. Easy.

Andrew states that his best achievement is really the last project he’s made because it has your best skills in it.

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