We’re Australia and New Zealand’s first sewing community podcast – the sewing people’s podcast. You’ll hear a range of interviews from our diverse sewing community network by Maria Theoharous, the producer of Sew Organised Style podcast.

We collaborate with Sewover50, Sewcialists, the Australian Sewing Guild and our sewing friends Katrine of Mending Mayhem, Sue Stoney, Gabby Brown, Wendy Ward, Juliet Walsh, Kate Ward of Zen Stitching, Amy Tuite of Brisbane Spoolettes, Jo Andrews of Haptic and Hue podcast and Zoe Edwards of Check your Threads podcast. You’ll always hear how our guests share their strategies to work through challenges life throws them. Each guest bravely shares their strategies with our caring online sewing community everyday.

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Sew Organised Style podcast listeners* are 40% United States based, 21% United Kingdom based and 10% in India. Current highest 30 day achievement is 111,000 downloads, the latest 3 monthly download at 70,000 for September, October and November 2021 and average individual reach of 8,000 people in this period. 83% of podcast downloads are direct from this podcast website (source: Libsyn). 90% of listeners are female. All age ranges are represented in the listener profile first ranking* is 45yr + and second ranking is 25yr+ then 35yr ranking+ In 2021, the average monthly downloads is 60,000.

IAB* top chart ranking to date:
#60 peak position USA Leisure and #48 peak position Global Leisure. *indicates Chartable stats.

Listen Notes ranking

Sew Organised Style podcast is one of the top 1.5% most popular shows out of 2,726,760 podcasts globally, ranked by 41 Listen Score (the estimated popularity score). These stats were provided by Listen Notes. Make sure you read our Listen Notes interview.

Feedspot top 20 sewing podcasts

Sew Organised Style podcast is ranked #7 on Feedspot’s top 20 sewing podcasts!

Why not read the Sew Organised Style interview on the Ossa podcast network too.

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Maria Theoharous – podcast mentor

You know you’re a keen sewist when no matter where you are or what you’re doing, you keep looking at what people are wearing and think…I can make that, with ‘this’ pattern and ‘that’ fabric. It’s this mindset that has fuelled Maria during her life to keep sewing, blogging about sewing and sharing her sewing projects on Instagram across the sewing community. It only made sense to Maria to create another social media platform through this podcast, Australia’s first sewing podcast, to give a voice to her fellow sewists. Maria is your podcast contact point, production developer, general sound engineer wiz and sewing fanatic.

Maria spoke about Growing your podcast organically to the podcast community

Partnering with online sewing communities that have diehard sewing fans who volunteer their time and expertise to give sewing consumers a voice is the driver behind why Maria has partnered with sewing communities that have the same core values. When you look at the partnerships that are regulars on Sew Organised Style podcast, you’ll realise it really is all about the fabric but it’s the person behind each sewists that listeners come back to hear about again and again.

Interviewed on the Ossa podcast network

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Autumn Sewing Celebration March 2021

Sewing is a life skill that you can use to better balance your budget in lean times. Being sustainable can be achieved in ‘sew many ways’. Alternatively, you can go all out and make a smashing garment with your sewing skills.
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The 2 highest ranking listeners range from 28-34 yr olds and 45 – 59 yr olds and predominantly females. The largest listening audience is in the United States of America, then the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and Australia in third place. 62,000 monthly average downloads in 2021.

Absolutely stoked about being at the top of Great Australian Pods Leisure category.

Sewing everyday and blogging for Minerva makers. Maria lives and sews in Australia on the land of the people of the Wann clan of the Eora nation.

World Frocktails February 2021
Janet M Taylor

Janet M Taylor is an organising expert with over 27 years experience. She has been featured on HGTV and Crowned Clutter-Free Queen 👑 on the Rachael Ray Show. She helped me understand what is holding me back from creating a more organised sewing space.

Music: https://www.bensound.com

Sewover50 podcasts

Sewover50 Thursday Da podcasts: Sewover50 is a growing online community group of 35,000 followers and growing by 1,000 followers per month. Sewover50 intersects with all communities. Meet/share like-minded sewing folk aged over 50. Use #SewOver50 to be seen/reposted. Started by @judithrosalind . Aided by @sunnydayz06 @susanyoungsewing Susan Young We also feature Sewover50 community members and hear about their sewing journeys. Bookmark their podcast blog post so you can catch up on every podcast.
Sandy Bach podcasts
Judith Staley podcasts
Susan Young podcasts

Australian Sewing Guild podcasts

ASG Monday Daily podcast: Louise Sparrow updates up on the online workshops and events ASG are developing for Guild members. They are staying accessible and also provide podcast transcripts for each podcast. We’re fortunate ASG sponsor our their podcasts.

Sewcialists Tuesday podcasts

Sewcialists Tuesday Daily podcast: Sewcialists are a sewing blog for everyone! They ran 4 fun theme months and every Tuesday morning their Australian editorChloe Read updated us on their current challenges, in case you missed them on instagram. Until June 2021 they hosted discussions about diversity, and featured posts by our community!

Gabby Brown podcasts

Gabby Brown is the fit specialist in the Sewcialists team. When there’s a fitting question from the sewing community, Gabby researched the questions to provide the various answers.

Gabby is a technical fashion designer, fit specialist, and prolific googler. She lives in Denver, raises tiny littles, reads, embroiders, makes, experiments, fails, learns, tries again. See her on instagram @ladygrift.

Katrine of Mending Mayhem

Katrine of Mending Mayhem

Katrine of Mending mayhem presents a mending topic each month, based on her many years of mending. Mending is part of her daily life and not just mending clothes. Mending is done with love. Mend don’t spend

Katrine mends everything and is adept to applying her crafting skills to mend for herself, her family and family members. This is a way of life for Katrine and her regular Mending mayhem mending posts on Instagram feature her own mending works on Mondays, she features Mending mayhemmers on Wednesday and the generosity of guest mending friends on Fridays all for the love of mending. Katrine is a highly regarded mending enthusiast.

Kate Ward

Kate Ward of Zen Stitching

Kate Ward is a multidisciplinary artist, working in jewellery, textiles, ceramics, video and installation. Kate’s work is often minimalist, focusing on form, colour and the interplay of contrasts. Her practice is inspired by the ephemeral, the metaphysical, the symbolic, and the relationship between art, ritual and culture. 

Kate has a number of art degrees. She first obtained a Bachelor of Visual Art from the Australian National University, Canberra, Australia in 1998. Went on to study a Masters in Arts Management and Policy from London University, UK in 2008. A Certificate in IV Ceramics from Goulburn’s TAFE, Australian 2012. And culminating with a  Masters in Fine Arts at the Nova Scotia College for Art and Design, Halifax, Canada in 2016. 

Acknowledgement of Country

Sew Organised Style podcast acknowledges Traditional Owners of country throughout Australia and recognises the continuing connection to lands, waters and community. We pay our respects to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures; and to the Elders past, present and emerging.

Please note: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be aware that this website may contain images, voices or names of deceased persons in photographs, film, audio recordings or printed material.

Our stylish correspondent

Amy Tuite, our Brisbane correspondent

Amy Tuite

Amy does have a website, although you’ll definitely find her at all Brisbane Spoolette functions. Just look Amy up on Instagram or facebook. When Amy’s not sewing or being part of the sewing community, Amy can be found cooking up a storm as ironchefvegan. You’ll also find how her life is filled with cat adventures.