Adam Wheeler

Tuesday 20 December 2022: Adam is The Seamsters Apprentice on Instagram. He decided to sew one day when the curtains in his study just happened to break.

Adam Wheeler discusses his sewing obsession.

Once Adam made the curtains in his home study 6 years ago, he became fascinated by sewing machines and sewing. Well, he tells a story about his first fascination with sewing machine as a 5 year old.

The first garment Adam made was a simple tshirt.

In the early days, sewing was a shared hobby with his late sister Sarah when she founded Dragon Café The Dragon Cafe is the project flagship of the Mental Fight Club. Sewing keeps the memory of his sister with him as Adam sews his projects for himself, his family and his friends.

Adam is an Emeritus Professor of Maths so we discussed how numbers can have an emotional meaning to people especially in the sewing and crafting community.

When Adam initially retired at 60, his plans where to run, hike and be more active in the great outdoors.

You should have a look at the shirts he has made for his colleague and friend James as well as for himself using Ankara prints. They are a pattern matcher’s dream project.

Adam describes sewing to the men he knows in this way – ‘This is engineering with really complicated structural materials.’

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