Margaret and Katherine

Tuesday 15 November 2022: Margaret and her daughter Kat share their sewing interests and also attended the SewOver50 frocktail event in Edinburgh in September.

Margaret and Kat chat to us on a Saturday morning.

This podcast was recorded with both Margaret and Kat in their home and they both thoroughly enjoy frocktails and meeting in real life all the people who you chat to on Instagram in the SewOver50 community.

Both Margaret and Kat attend sewing days as SewToon in Newcastle, Toon is a dialect version of Town because that’s how Geordies pronounce the word. Lynne and Linda who were sewing friends on the podcast who also attend SewToon. SewToon is organised by Lynne’s daughter Tamlyn. Here’s a link to Lynne and Linda’s podcast blog post.

When Margaret learned to sew, she was taught at home and at school how to sew. There was no internet or YouTube videos to learn sewing skills. Kat was able to learn to sew through YouTube tutorials and then pass on those sewing skills to Margaret.

Margaret did benefit from the learn to sew patterns Simplicity published back when she was learning to sew.

Katherine learned to sew later. You’ll love listening to Kat’s ‘school skirt project’ story.

Margaret came back to sewing in 2013 and Kat taught Margaret techniques she has never learned.

Make sure you have a cuppa and sit down to listen to their stories because they will draw you into to how they work together so well. A really strong mother and daughter sewing duo.

Margaret and Kat also discuss how they keep their Instagram accounts safe. Margaret also discusses how she keeps a record of her patterns but those notes won’t be on her blog anymore.

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