Lynne and Linda

Lynne and Linda

Tuesday 23 November 2021: Lynne of @lyonsmadewithlove and Linda of @grannylindasews who are today’s sewing friend guests. We really should have included Marilyn of @mazzarinie in this podcast as well.

Lynne and Linda are 2 Sewing Angels of the North
Linda, Marilyn and Lynne

It all started with a dress! Lynne had taken part in an Instagram challenge called Swap, Share, Sew, the purpose of which was making new friends. She was partnered with another sewist and they both made a dress. Lynne wore her dress to the local mall, where she had coffee.

Later that day Lynne received a message on Instagram asking if she’d been in Costa that morning. Linda had recognised Lynne’s dress from an Instagram post. Lynne replied to Linda and they just ‘clicked’ and agreed to meet up for coffee. That was the start of their lovely friendship.

They’re both wearing clothes they’ve made

Then the pandemic hit and they continued their friendship from afar, via Instagram and WhatsApp. Lynne and Linda have been a great source of moral support to each other during lockdown. Linda said Lynne boosted her confidence for her sewing. Linda lacked belief in her own makes and said that Lynne’s encouragement and belief in her transformed the way she felt about herself. Lynne had some illnesses this year and Linda unfailingly supported Lynne throughout, cheering her along.

They’ve made many new Instagram friends and they recently had a meet-up of 16 at a local fabric shop. Lots of sewing chat, coffee and cake. 

Photo taken by First for Fabrics

As Lynne said ‘I can’t tell you how grateful I am for my friendship with Linda and for wearing that dress to a coffee date. We will continue to be friends, supporting and encouraging each other for many years to come.’


  1. […] Both Margaret and Kat attend sewing days as SewToon in Newcastle, Toon is a dialect version of Town because that’s how Geordies pronounce the word. Lynne and Linda who were sewing friends on the podcast who also attend SewToon. SewToon is organised by Lynne’s daughter Tamlyn. Here’s a link to Lynne and Linda’s podcast blog post. […]


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