Tuesday 8 November 2022: Elke does have an actual thread bear, hence her Instagram name sewthreadbear. She tells us the how close to her heart this bear is to her.

Elke tells us about her sewing journey and thoughts.

While Elke can’t remember who taught her to sew, she has always sewn and in a way was influenced by her 2 aunts on her father’s side. Her aunts had a knitting machine and they created the most beautiful knitted garments.

What Elke did realise that using a knitting machine would mean she would need lots of storage space for all the wool yarns used, as she saw from her aunts.

Elke is a SewOver50 follower who was able to attend SewOver50 Frocktails in September.

Elke talks about how as a sewist, we get caught in the perfection of the pattern we’re using. She has learnt that if the garment looks good from 3′ away, you’ve done a great job.

She has sewn some amazing garments using Julia Allison Cost fabrics too.

Here’s the YouTube version with great images of Elke’s work

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