Days for Girls Aust

Days for Girls Australia

Tuesday 20 September 2022: Mary Connelly-Gale is the Chief Operating Officer of Days for Girls Australia. Days for Girls is an international organisation who’s mission is to shatter the stigma and limitations associated with menstruation for improved health, education and livelihoods.

Mary Connelly-Gale speaks for Days for Girls Australia
Mary Connelly-Gale

This podcast was a suggestion by Monica, a patron of the podcast. Thank you Monica.

Here is a sample of the kits Days for Girls Australia creates

Days for Girls Australia is a registered Australian not for profit and is a Country Affiliate with Days for Girls International. Volunteers across Australia mobilize to increase access to menstrual products and vital health information for women and girls around the world.

The team behind Days for Girls Australia are all voluntary roles.

All donations to Days for Girls Australia are tax deductable.

Gloria Buttsworth, Founding Director

From early beginnings as the leader of the Newcastle Chapter, then NSW Coordinator, Gloria saw DfG ‘go viral’ across Australia as more and more people responded to the need for sanitary hygiene for projects they were involved with across the world. Seeing the growth of T & C, gaining company status and tax deductibility – it has been a journey she never imagined. All this grew from an initial intent to sew Kits for a friend in Uganda. For her work in establishing DfG in Australia, Gloria was awarded Rotary International’s Paul Harris Fellow Award.

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