Sarah Thomas

Tuesday 27 September 2022: Make sure you keep an eye out for #sewingcpd2022 on the Curvy Pattern Database Instagram account.

Sarah talks about #sewingcpd2022 challenge for October

Use #sewingcpd when you sew a pattern from the Curvy Pattern Database in October and be in the running for one of 15 prizes. The top prize is US based – a Babylock sewing machine.

2021 was the first year #sewingcpd was run with over 40 prizes given away. That’s a lot of prizes for Sarah to manage on her own. There are now 133 designers in the database. Many of these designers will work with customers to grade out their patterns and work with you to ensure the pattern works for you as well.

As Sarah said, over 400 patterns are published each year now. Patterns need to be ‘one-click away’. Patterns in books, magazines, in collections and in subscriptions are not easy to find and won’t be on the Curvy Pattern Database.

Tuesday 25 January 2022: Sarah Thomas runs Curvy Pattern Database.

Sarah Thomas talks about all the work she does to keep the Curvy Pattern Database current

Thursday 27 January 2022: Sarah loves to keep spreadsheets and when she created her sewing pattern database, she was more than happy to share in with the sewing community. She also puts her time into pattern testing as well.

There is so much Sarah does for the Curvy Sewing community including SewOver50
Sarah does all the work herself

In part 1 of this podcast with Sarah, she introduces her sewing background and then we hear about all the work she puts into the website, The Curvy Pattern Database, as well as the Instagram account Curvy Pattern Database, and the additional time she makes every month to do a monthly round up of patterns available for sewists.

The spreadsheet is a resource she built to use and she shares this with all sewists for free.

Sarah is in her element with sewing and spreadsheets

Part 2 gives us more details about what Sarah does for the sewing community including pattern testing for a few sewing companies.

As Sarah said ‘#SewingCPD is something that I hope to keep going and this came from the #SewingCPD challenge I hosted in October 2021. I’ve been quiet over on Instagram in the past month just recovering from the Challenge, but it was a great time to see all the inclusive makes that sewists made up in the month of October and some since then! It was also a delight to be able to give away so many prizes – and to have such universal support from pattern designers.’

Make sure you use #SewingCPD so you’re helping Sarah continue to keep the Curvy Pattern Database up to date for all sewists to use. There are over 120 pattern designers who have patterns that qualify for the database and there are over 10,000 patterns to search for a pattern you can use.

The very helpful monthly round up Sarah creates takes her 10 to 15 hours a month to prepare. Yes. She does this for free and for the use of her fellow sewists.


  1. Thank you so much for highlighting Sarah’s Curvy Pattern Database! I am a major fan. Even though I don’t need patterns with a 60 inch hip for myself, I only want to spend my money on pattern companies that value bodies of all shapes and sizes. Sarah makes it easy to find these inclusive pattern companies and I now only purchase off the CPD list!


    • Sarah shares her database with everyone to use. She’s giving of her time so allow anyone to find patterns. She leads by example when it comes to sharing her work with the sewing community for free.


  2. I want to echo the other comment… I too use this resource because I want to only use patterns that value bodies of all shapes and sizes. Companies included in the data base also include straight sizes too. Sharing makes on social media that are inclusive is considerate of all makers.


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