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Tuesday 13 September 2022: Have you enjoyed seeing Byrd and Molly run So50Live for the Sewover50 community during the northern hemisphere Summer months? That’s Byrd of Yogabyrdsews and Molly of Mike and Molly’s House on Instagram. Byrd and Molly are today’s SewOver50 podcast guests.

Byrd and Molly – The cohosts of SO50LIVE for SewOver50

Both Molly and Byrd were wanting to do the work to have more discussions on SewOver50. They approached Judith and Sandy separately earlier this year and now they’ve created an engaging platform for SewOver50 on Instagram.

They had roles at the start and now they have a great rhythm working together and making their guests feel comfortable in their So50LIVE interviews on Instagram.

Every recording can be watched from the SewOver50 Instagram account if you miss it live.

In addition to meeting sewists, SO50Live will provide a front row seat to upcoming sewing challenges, Sew Organised Style podcasts and other current sewing news and tips.

Make sure you catch the next LIVE broadcast
So many amazing guests!!!

SO50Live guests

31 June: Have a look at the #SO50Live as host Molly from @mikeandmollyshouse interviewed Steven @arealheller. Steven shares some of his favourite makes; the bowling shirts, jeans, and Halloween costumes for his grandkids.

Click here to watch this So50Live interview on the SewOver50 Instagram account.

Steven’s initial podcast 24 March 2022
Steven’s encore podcast 5 May 2022

Currently he’s working on making messenger bags using a pattern from Noodlehead.

Interested in being a guest on #SO50Live, send a message to @yogabyrdsews or @mikeandmollyhouse

See you on July 10th for the next #so50live with Michelle from Sewn Magazine @sewnmagazine

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13 June: Have a looked at #SO50Live hosts Molly @mikeandmollyshouse and Byrd @yogabyrdsews interview with Elaine @laineemakes. Elaine dropped some keepsake nuggets about sewing but they speak to all facets of life – “Keep trying everything ~ experiment and don’t limit yourself” Elaine’s podcast from February 2021 is also available too.

Click here to go to the So50Live recording on SewOver50 on Instagram.

Meet LaineMakes podcast from February 2021

You can check out Elaine’s makes on her website – the link is in her bio. If you want more information on the Minerva Ambassadorship, check out their website @minerva Interested in being a guest on #SO50Live, send a message to @yogabyrdsews or @mikeandmollyhouseSee you on June 28 for the next #so50live with @arealheller 
#SewOver50#SO50live#SO50Visible#SewInclusive#AgeismIsNeverInStyle #SewingCommunity#sewoverageism

1 June: Our #SO50Live hosts Molly @mikeandmollyshouse and Byrd @yogabyrdsews as they interview Pauline Bruce @sewuthinkucan co-creator of #sewhackablechallenge

Link to the So50 Live IG recording on SewOver50 here.

Pauline sees a pattern and immediately begins to think of ways to make it her own. Stay tuned for #sewhackablechallenge coming in September.
There are also a handful of fun June challenges:
Sewing Bowl Challenge with @Emmanuel#sewingbowlchallenge
Jumpsuit June with @sheffieldsewcial#jumpsuitjune
Fruit-themed sewing with @blossomsandwich#sewfruity22

See you on June 12 for the next #so50live with @laineemakes


May 15: SO50Live guest – Zoe Edwards, #MeMadeMay creator and host of Check your thread podcast.

The SO50Live and Sew Organised Style podcast are an excellent compliment and support for the SewOver50 community lead by Judith Staley and Sandy Bach. Susan Young is the SewOver50 blog writer.

If you interested in serving as a SO50Live guests, please contact


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