Marcia Lois Riddington

Wearing her latest coat with fabric from her extensive stash

23 August 2022: Marcia is back to update us about her sewing and crafting life.

Marcia loves sewing, visible mending, embroidery and now fabric dyeing

Since Marcia was the first SewOver50 follower on the podcast in 2020, she has enjoyed exploring her sewing skills and clothing style.

MendMarch had a very positive effect on Marcia this year and she now looks forward to visible mending in her daily life.

Like many sewists, she has to do some sewing everyday to relax her.

She has always embroidered and Marcia now builds embroidery into many of her makes.

21 May 2020: Marcia Lois Riddington rarely buys new fabrics and she enjoys hand embroidery.

Marica Lois Riddington
Marcia Lois Riddington – a Sewover50 fan

Through Sewover50 Marcia has found a supportive environment of like minded sewists. She enjoys the simple things in life.

Marcia has great embellishing embroidery skills

She lives her life, being herself and wearing clothes that are bright and suits Marcia’s lifestyle. Colour and pretty fabric makes her happy.

Colour and prints are her favourites

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