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Zoe Edwards is now a podcaster! Check your thread podcast

Tuesday 7 September 2021: Have you subscribed to ‘check your thread’ podcast yet? This is Zoe Edwards podcast that is a joy to listen to.

Zoe Edwards is a podcaster – Check your threads is the podcast to subscribe to

I’m sure you’re already familiar with her existing blog ‘So Zo what do you know. She’s always posted her makes, her free patterns and her concern for the environment as well as the highly successful Me Made May each year. Her instagram account also reflects her sewing point of view and makes. In this podcast Zoe says that she enjoys engaging with people about being sustainable with their sewing.

This year Zoe published her mending book and now she has a podcast where she’s discussing being mindful about the environment when you are sewing on Check your thread podcast.

Each week Check Your Thread will look at how to sew more sustainably, through inspiring conversation and fun explorations. For those of us who are concerned about the climate crisis but love sewing our own clothes, it’s an opportunity to nerd out about garment sewing, whilst figuring out ways to reduce the impact it may have on the planet. In the first episode, Zoe takes everyone on a journey through her sewing history, from fashion student, to garment industry employee, to sewing blogger, to dressmaking teacher and more.

You know Zoe provides well researched information!

In this podcast you’ll hear about how Zoe is enjoying the zero waste pattern process.

Me Made May 2021
Amy Tuite is ready for Me Made May 2021!

Friends!!!! #memademay2021, who’s in? 🙋🏻‍♀️
As you may recall, last year I was in two minds about even mentioning MMM because of the stresses and strains that the global pandemic was bringing to most people’s lives and head spaces. However, it turns out that a gentle version of the challenge was EXACTLY what so many people found that they needed after all!
It gave so many of us a reason to put on clothes that made us feel positive, proud and ‘ourselves’ each morning, rather than staying in pyjamas or chucking on grotty loungewear again. It encouraged us to re-focus a little on our love of garment making, and learn some lessons throughout the month that helped our practice going forwards. And if we chose to participate in the community aspect of the challenge by sharing and/or checking out photos of fantastic handmade garments, it helped us feel connected to other participants at a time when connection was so desperately needed. I’m sure that most participants would agree with me when I say that Me-Made-May 2020 ended up being a wonderful, beautiful, positive little ray of light during a very difficult year.
And what of 2021? How are we all feeling a year later? What role can the Me-Made-May challenge play for the global community of makers this year?
I feel that there’s a quiet, gentle hopefulness about this year, and participating in MMM could be a wonderful part of that. So much has changed since 2019, and if we choose to, we can use the challenge to explore who we are now, and who we want to be as 2021 continues to unfold… I REALLY hope you’ll join me.
If you want more info about #memademay and what the challenge is all about, head over to my blog (link in bio). However in short: it’s a personal challenge to wear your handmade clothing more often or in different ways during May 2021. The goal is to have fun, feel proud, celebrate your personal achievements and this beautiful community of makers, and learn useful lessons that will help improve your relationship with your handmade wardrobe. It’s not a photo challenge, however, many people choose to document their challenge by taking and sharing photos. Are you in?! Xxx

Zoe Edwards
Memademay2020 Reboot podcast

Series 3 Episode 5: Zoe talked about patterns that excite her and has a special message for sewists who were thinking about taking part in #memademay2020. This podcast has been rebooted to give Australian Sewing Guild members background to what me mades are all about.

Zoe Edwards, the heart behind MeMadeMay gave us some of her time to chat about why she decided to run #MeMadeMay2020 during this time of staying at home. Zo discussed how the sewing community is facing such a tough time in their own countries but as an online community, we’re more than willing to join in and be a part of #Memademay2020

There are a number of Me made hastags that have evolved from each year’s Memademay and that’s really what our community is about. Creating communities to cater for different groups that you can view and either join or simply observe.

Here is Zo’s note for #memademay2021:

Did you know Zoe has lived in New Zealand? It’s true. She lived in Wellington for 6 months as part of her design degree.

Part 1 focusses on what Me Made May 2020 is all about and how the experience and learnings are the focus and not the photos. You’ll hear what Zoe loves about Me Made May 2020.

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