Lu-Anne of Luannesewcializes

Lu-Anne wearing her latest Julia Allison Cost fabric skirt

Tuesday 29 June 2022: Lu-Anne talks about how she’s now creating clothes when she never thought that she would do this.

Lu-Anne created a public Instagram account because SewOver50 has a great community.

Lu-Anne is also passionate about using fabric that tells a story and you’ll see examples of these on her Instagram account. You should follow Lu-Anne on Instagram to see how creating clothes creates moments and feelings for the people she loves.

Lu-Anne is now included in the CanadaSews group. Lu-Anne is also a fan of Julia Allison Cost and her amazing fabrics.

Lu-Anne first started to sew as an offshoot from her weaving creations she did when she attended the Arts School in Banff, Canada.

For a person who said they would never quilt, Luanne is adding quilting to her sewing skills and this has absolutely been a game changer for her.

For many years, Lu-Anne used to think that social media was something to stay away from. When she started to follow @sewover50 on her private account, she saw how positive and embracing the online community was and about a year ago, Lu-Anne created a public account and publicly thanked the sewing community for helping her decide to create this new account.

Lu-Anne embraces the ‘much’. Have a listen to what embracing the ‘much’ is all about.

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