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19 July 2022Carmen Bouchard continued
12 July 2022About Carmen Bouchard
5 July 2022About Lou Sheffer and
28 June 2022Lu-Anne of Luannesewcializes
14 June 2022Lou’s Instagram account was hacked
5 April 2022Janine of SewOver50
1 March 2022Robyn of Fourpatchtextiles
2 December 2021Librarianka and solizziesews
30 November 2021Emily of Lovesaslugtoo
5 January 2021Sewcialists podcast launch Gillian
11 August 2020Meet Anniebeeknits
20 May 2020Meet Cathy Grant of Ohsewcathy
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Carmen Bouchard @carmencitablog

Carmen Bouchard travelling

Tuesday 19 July 2022: Today we continue to hear Carmen talk about sewing and what she learnt from her experience of being on the French Sewing Bee.

Carmen personally learnt a lot from her experience on the French Sewing Bee.

Carmen has given back to the sewing community through the books she has published and teaching on Artesane online learning platform. Here’s the link to Artesane

Tuesday 12 July 2022: Carmen has been sewing since she was 5 years old. In 2014, Carmen won the Great French Sewing Bee Season 1 – Cousu Main.

Carmen Bouchard chats about her sewing journey

Carmen was taught to sew using a pattern at the age of 12. As she said, she follows pattern instructions to the letter, even if the instructions are not comprehensive.

Cousu Main season 1 contestant and winner

Carmen Bouchard is a Canadian expat living in Brittany, France. She started sewing at the age of 5 and at 12 years old, her neighbour taught Carmen to sew by following pattern – Vogue patterns.

Carmen is a Sewover50 follower

Carmen has been teaching and is a spokesperson for Fiskars and Janome in France. Carmen will never skimp on tools or notions. Here’s the link to Artesane, the French Craftsy-like platform. Have a look at Carmen’s online course.

Carmen also attended The Sewing Weekender

Lou Sheffer of sewmuchtodesign

Tuesday 5 July 2022: Lou is back to discuss her sewing life on this podcast. Lou has been a guest editor twice now and she gives people an idea of how easy it is to give back to the SewOver50 community.

Lou Sheffer runs #MyMakesForTheMonth
Learn more about Lou Sheffer and #MyMakesForTheMonth

Congratulations on your recent retirement Lou.

The cutest last day before retirement pic

Her coat making is something you need to take a close look at on her Instagram account. Coats and jackets are a great way to think outside the box and you can create ‘one of a kind’ pieces.

As Lou says, you have to feel the fabric you’re about to use.

Coats and jackets are that perfect third piece of a pulled together outfit. Lou provides some good advice for new sewists that are about to make their first coat or jacket.

This is what #mymakesforthemonth is all about

Lou tells us #mymakesforthemonth is almost 2 years strong and offers over $5,000 of prizes.

On a personal note, thank you Lou for sharing how your Mom influenced you to sew.

Lu-Anne of Luannesewcializes

Tuesday 29 June 2022: Lu-Anne talks about how she’s now creating clothes when she never thought that she would do this.

Lu-Anne’s latest Julia Allison Cost fabric make
Lu-Anne created a public Instagram account because SewOver50 has a great community.

Lu-Anne is also passionate about using fabric that tells a story and you’ll see examples of these on her Instagram account. You should follow Lu-Anne on Instagram to see how creating clothes creates moments and feelings for the people she loves.

Lu-Anne is now included in the CanadaSews group. Lu-Anne is also a fan of Julia Allison Cost and her amazing fabrics.

Lu-Anne first started to sew as an offshoot from her weaving creations she did when she attended the Arts School in Banff, Canada.

For a person who said they would never quilt, Luanne is adding quilting to her sewing skills and this has absolutely been a game changer for her.

For many years, Lu-Anne used to think that social media was something to stay away from. When she started to follow @sewover50 on her private account, she saw how positive and embracing the online community was and about a year ago, Lu-Anne created a public account and publicly thanked the sewing community for helping her decide to create this new account.

Lu-Anne embraces the ‘much’. Have a listen to what embracing the ‘much’ is all about.

Lou’s Instagram account was hacked

Lou is sewmuchtodesign

Tuesday 14 June 2022: Lou Sheffer of sewmuchtodesign discusses the recent Instagram ploy where she almost lost her Instagram account on today’s SewOver50 podcast.

Lou shares her experience and learning when her Instagram account was hacked

You know Lou of Sewmuchtodesign because she’s a SewOver50 follower and the organiser of #MyMakesForTheMonth Challenge.

Lou is now able to focus on more gorgeous makes.

In this podcast Lou shares her recent experience where her Instagram account was hacked and the good news is, she was able to get her account back with help from SewOver50’s Sandy and Judith. Lou also shares handy tips about keeping your account safe that she’s learned through this upsetting experience. 

Lou shares her experience and some ways to protect your instagram account when she was faced with a message to say ‘you’ve been logged out’. She describes how you can navigate your way through Instagram to reclaim your Instagram account from online theft.

Do you have a public and a private Instagram account?

If your Instagram account keeps saying ‘you’ve been logged out’ gather your wits about you and follow the series of Instagram prompts to help you claim back your account.

You’ll hear how Sandy from SewOver50 helped Lou navigate her way through Instagram to claim back her account.

Having a ‘back up’ Instagram account helped Lou contact SewOver50 for assistance. Lou now has back up codes and two factor authentication for her accounts.

Make sure you check the contact details listed in your Instagram accounts are your email and phone numbers listed.

Lou has generously shared her learnings in claiming back her Instagram account

When you receive communication about your Instagram account, it will come from Meta, the company that runs Facebook and Instagram.

Once you are provided with a verification code from Meta, take it one step at a time and you may have to try a few times to get into your account. Stay calm.

Lou then talks about the verification codes and the actions she took to make her Instagram account more secure. Lou also uses WhatsApp for account verification rather than verification through her mobile/cell phone number.

Helpful tips from Lou include sending voice memos to your friends or asking specific questions only they would know when you’ve trying to help them through an online problem verifies that you are who you say you are. No one can imitate you.

Go with your gut if you feel that someone who’s contacting you is not the real person you know.

Go into settings and into your login and see what is in your account as well as the location that your account has been logged into.

Janine of SewOver50

Janine helps others like SewOver50

Tuesday 5 April 2022: Janine or Janineerm has been helping Judith and Sandy with guest SewOver50 posts for many years now.

When people need help, Janine volunteers to help others like SewOver50

Janine or @janineerm is a very busy sewist and has been a guest editor for SewOver50. Janine is one of those people who if you need help, she will volunteer her time to you.

Janine has an organised sewing space

In this podcast, she describes the steps she takes to be a guest editor. We discuss what guest editors need to provide and really, Janine has enjoyed being a guest editor for SewOver50 for a very long time.

You’ll hear how Janine did not know Instagram at all when she first began volunteering with SewOver50. 

One of Janine’s latest makes ‘in the wild’

Robyn of Fourpatchtextiles

Robyn, Norman and a baby sock monkey

Tuesday 1 March 2022: Robyn is fourpatchtextiles on Instagram and she’s many things including a SewOver50 follower and visible mending advocate.

Robyn is fourpatchtextiles on Instagram

Robyn is a retired engineer however she’s as mindful of her resources now as she has ever been. From her first efforts as a young child sewing with scraps and using a stapler to sew seams together, Robyn continues to share her pattern cutting knowledge with her fellow sewists all over the world…on Instagram.

She focusses on slow fashion and good fit. Her mindful use of fabrics means she uses jersey scraps to create her iconic sock monkeys. They tend to run her Instagram account.

By following Tricia of Morrissews and Wendy whendy7, she found people who looked like her in the sewing world when she started to follow the SewOver50 hashtag.

Now SewOver50 and Mending Mayhem are her go-to information sources about Instagram.

You can follow Robyn on her blog and on Instagram.

Librarianka and Solizziesews are sewing friends

Thursday 2 December 2021: Dorota @librarianka and Lizzie @solizziesews are local sewing friends that met via the SewOver50 community.

Dorota and Lizzie talk about their sewing friendship

Their sewing interests brought them together and they share many more interests across many parts of their lives.

Dorota’s Instagram name means female librarian and her explanation is quite interesting. Dorota is a recent maker. Lizzie has been a maker most of her life with pottery as one of the media she has explored throughout her artistic life.


30 November 2021: Emily or loveaslugtoo talks about why they are a ruthless blocker.

Emily discusses her sewing and the social issues in our sewing community

Emily is careful about online safety and keeps their password and identity safe, as well as their own mental self. The ongoing phishing that happens online doesn’t stop Emily from sharing their sewing projects or on their views of life.

Emily tells us about how they protect their online selves through having both a private Instagram account and a public account.

They’ve tapped into a rage of voices of women who are over 50 and fat who are silenced by many parts of the media, by makers and by influencers. Emily is current working in fat studies at university level. They discuss images and influencers to be thin through various generations and the pressure many people have lived through during their lives.

The changed that happen to our bodies over 50 and due to menopause is still not talked about. Acknowledging older voices in any craft needs to be recognised.

There are a lot of issues Emily covers so it’s worth while having a few listens to what they talk about. They’re very insightful.

Gillian of Sewcialists

Tuesday 4 January 2021: Gillian Whitcombe launches Sewcialists podcasts and talks about the 2 key goals for Sewcialists this year. You really should read Gillian’s blog post and make your support and ideas known.

Gillian Whitcombe launches Sewcialists 2021 podcasts!

Sewcialists podcasts will be published every 2 weeks to support the Sewcialists blog posts. Make sure you add your diversity voice to Sewcialists by contacting them on their Instagram account or on the Sewcialists blog.


Tuesday 11 August 2020: Anne Blayney is the lead copy-editor behind the Sewcialists team. Make sure you have a read of their latest ‘About us’ post featuring the Copy-editing team.

Anne Blayney – lead editor for Sewcialists
Tuesday 11 August – Copy editing for the Sewcialists

Yes, Anne or Anniebeeknits, is more of a knitter than a sewist yet she volunteers her time for the Sewcialists.

In this podcast, Anne discussed what this team does. From planning and creating content, this team does their array of tasks in their own time. Yep. They’re another keen group of volunteers that make each blog post understandable, compelling and topics that resonate with sewcialist followers.


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_6067-1.jpg

Thursday 28 May 2020: Cathy Grant, who is Ohsewcathy, is a Canadian Sewover50 stalwart and she’s a style icon and a model for Helen’s Closet.

Meet Cathy!!

From Cathy: ‘I feel honoured to be part of the Sewover50 Thursday feature. As others have said, being interviewed by Maria is more like having a chat with a good friend. I have loved hearing all the voices in our sewing community.’

Judith and Cathy
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_6068.jpg
Cathy and Judith at Frocktails

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