Bernadette with the dress featuring her covered buttons.

Tuesday 21 June 2022: Bernadette @littlemissdressco is new to reels but she’s managed to create on to teach people how to cover buttons and with great success too.

Bernadette has a wealth of sewing knowledge she brings to reels on Instagram

She’s a long time buyer of fabric and when she sewed and sold clothes online, Bernadette also started to teach people to sew. The teaching she did really took off. So much so, she was also sewed on television and worked for quite a few sewing machine companies.

Bernadette still has a core group of sewing students that sew together and socialise outside of their sewing sessions. They are a group of sewing friends now.

Bernadette with her Chanel style jacket

Bernadette Wainwright little miss dress co on Facebook and most often at littlemissdressco on Instagram.

She has sewn not just for her family but also for tv shows and also most recently for Gay Pride month in the UK. Bernadette sews for Stuart Hillard, who was on series 1 of the Great British Sewing Bee.

Stuart Hillard with Bernadette

You really should go to Bernadette’s Instagram account to see all the amazing work she’s created for herself, for her husband and for Gay Pride Month.

Her advice to new sewists is to ‘start small and gradually build your skills.’

Bernadette loves fabric that has great drape.

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