Raquel refashions in Taipei

Thursday 17 December 2020: Raquel is this week’s Sewover50 podcast guest.

Raquel is back for Sewover50 with her refashions

Raquel was podcast #2 in 2019 and in this podcast she updates us on her sewing and how she supports the Sewover50 account on Instagram.

Raquel is inspired by many designers

Refashions are her joy and she talks to us about how thrifting in Taipei meets her budget needs.

Raquel initially started participating in MAGAM Sewalong when it was run by Sarah Liz. MAGAM Sewalong is another sewing challenge Raquel continues to support each month because this keeps her sewing creativity alive. Raquel is also enjoying being a Minerva Brand Ambassador.

Her love for refashioning is what drives her sewing passion each day.

Creating model looks with her own sewing is her fun and successful challenge

Episode 2 26 August 2019: Listen to the refashion journey of Raquel. 

Raquel makes through her refashions

The dress above is an inspirational dress Raquel made last year and Susan drew it as part of Me-Made-May. You can find all of Raquel’s refashion works on instagram at @raquel_sewing_knitting_in_asia and at @raquel_sewtospeak

Raquel has consistently supported Sewover50. Sewover50 started through the Sewcialists mothership. Here’s a link to the Mimi G zipper tutorial Raquel uses. Sketch by Susan Goodwin.

Below are the places Raquel buys deadstock clothes used in refashioning.

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