Andie Wells

@sewprettyinpink Andie Wells

Thursday 9 September 2021: Sewprettyinpink or Andie Wells is our first #Chronicallysewn podcast series guest for Sewover50. As they say, ‘do what’s right for you’.

Andie Wells or Sew Pretty in Pink is our first Sewover50 guest for Chronically sewn series

Andie is an artist, sewist, writer and improv comedian. Andie also describes themselves as a disabled fat Endy Babe interested in sewing, fashion, Lingerie, Swimwear and EDS.


Andie talks about their developing @Chronicallysewn and the current #slowprojectchallenge. Chronicallysewn is an inclusive space for chronically ill (mental/physical) sewists. Slow Project Challenge runs over 3 months and the emphasis is on rest. There’s no need to finish a project or projects.

Andie has found that online events are more accessible than in person events. She had a wonderful experience at this year’s Sewing Weekender and says why the organisation of the Sewing Weekender was so brilliant and was very accessible.

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