Amanda Bowden

Amanda Bowden in her Amanda sewn cozzie

Thursday 20 May 2021: Making your own swimwear is so rewarding especially if you’re training to swim the English Channel. Amanda Bowden is going to swim the English Channel in a relay team in August this year for charity. She’s a Sewover50 follower and she chats about her sewing journey and and marathon swimming journey.

You’ll love Amanda’s sewing and marathon swimming stories

Amanda has perfected her marathon swimming cozzie to the point where she is able to make cozzies with a theme for each long distance swim she does.

In August Amanda will swim the English Channel in a relay team. You can support her English Channel swim on Amanda’s The Swimming Seamstress Total Giving page.

The Sewing for Swimming facebook page image

She sews her own swimwear and has perfected her marathon cozzies. She’s known as ‘The Swimming Seamstress’ on Instagram and Facebook page called Sewing for Swimming and she tells us her marathon swimming story and her cozzie sewing knowledge. Amanda shared her sewing and swimming story as a guest writer for Sewover50 on Instagram. Make sure you find Amanda on Instagram .

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