OUTdressed.no Enno Swets

Enno Swets or Outdressed.no

Thursday 26 August 2021: Enno or OUTdressed.no has the drive to make the things he needs hence his brilliance making his own functional makes.

Enno Swets is Sewover50 guest for men who sew
There’s a great story about his brand name
This is the Anorak Enno made at 17 years old

One of the first functional fabric stores Enno was able to get the fabric he wanted was from Extreme Textil. Enno has made many things that he has wanted and you’ll hear about them in this podcast.

Enno also mentions Fabrics and Materials to Make Your Own Gear or Grow Your Business. (ripstopbytheroll.com) and Shelby – Extreme Outdoor Materials & Gear (shelbyoutdoor.com) as great sources for functional fabrics and notions.

This is Enno’s design.

There are many examples of Enno’s creativity he’s developed through sewing. Being part of the online sewing community is something he highly values.

The story behind this backpack created by Enno for his wife is a great example of how he has used his engineering background to develop a custom order backpack. The frame is from the original backpack that has a good life but was no longer available.


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