Nancy Chen Bajraktari – iusedtobeacurtain

Thursday 24 June 2021: Nancy Chen Bajraktari (iusedtobeacurtain) was featured for her print mixing clothes by Sewover50 and she share her tips for print mixing.

Nancy shares her print mixing tips for Sewover50 podcast

Nancy uses her photographic professional background to post beautiful Instagram images of her sewing.

Make sure you listen to find out how Nancy started her sewing skills through her day job as a prosthetist orthotist.

Print matching can be an instant marriage or the print may fight for prominence. Nancy explains this among her many tips for print matching.

Nancy was pleasantly surprised her pattern mixing entry was featured on Sewover50, as she’s not 50 yet!

Nancy and Julia

Julia Cost and Nancy Chen

Tuesday 31 August 2021: Nancy Chen Bajraktari @iusedtobeacurtin is a sewist who lives on O’ahu for the last year and she enjoys print mixing and upcycling clothing. This feeds her obsession with vibrant prints and exploring all sewing possibilities. Julia Cost @juliaallissoncost is a painter and textile designer born, raised, and based on Maui.

Sewing friends – Nancy Chen Bajraktari and Julia Cost
You’ll hear the story behind this picture

Sewing brings people together. They stay together as friends once they start chatting to each other and in these times, we’re lucky we can become friends with global friends.

You can find Julia’s fabrics at her website.

Julia’s Ranunculus Bouquet painting now on fabric.
Nancy’s used Julia’s Succulent Garden fabric for her Romper

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