PK is NZ film girl

PK or NZfilmgirl

Thursday 19 August 2021: PK of NZfilmgirl is today’s Sewover50 podcast guest.

PK is today’s Sewover50 podcast guest

PK begins with the tale of her iron dream come true and then we start chatting about the Croatian shirt.

She has written 2 guest posts for Sewover50 since making the Croatian Shirt

Labels and timestamping your makes is a detail PK is passionate about.

PK adds a time stamp to every garment. This is done in the basic monogramming function of the sewing machine. She uses the same formula for everything: pattern name/# – size – month/year.

She suggests you plan ahead to add time stamps so they are hidden on the inside: back yoke of shirt, inner pocket, coat facing, button placket, even on a French seam. Use a different colour thread so it is visible.

When it comes to labels, PK is a big fan of adding labels and she has her labels that she puts on everything. Then she might add in a side seam, or back neckline, and always on jeans. But…. It is easy to go overboard on labels. Sometimes less is more. Plan ahead where you want them placed as they will be added at different stages of construction.

Monogramming your makes is another aspect of making clothes that PK shares.

She loves adding stylised monogram to shirts, jeans, coats…anything! Sometimes large, sometimes not. It’s fun to add a contrast colour to make the monogram a design feature. No treading lightly!!

In case you were wondering, here’s a photo of her cutting table.

PK’s cutting table

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