Meet Jen Hogg

So50SustainableSewing with Jen Hogg

Linen tablecloth – found fabric

Tuesday 17 August 2021: Jen Hogg practices sustainable sewing and supports Sewover50’s #so50SustainableSewing challenge with 4 guest posts, a prize sponsor and this podcast too.

Jen Hogg discusses many ways to be a sustainable sewist

Here’s a link to the instagram post Jen wrote about this jacket to support #so50SustainableSewing for Sewover50.

This is a delicate hand embroidered piece

Here’s a link to the destashing Instagram post Jen wrote wearing the fabric she bought from Judith Staley at the time. Jen bought the navy pinstripe fabric through a charity destash organised in the UK by Lesley @sewsleepdeprived.

Navy pinstripe wool fabric from Judith’s stash

As Jen has written in her guest post for Sewover50: Stash busting? Partly because I busted a bit of navy pinstripe wool from our own @sewover50 Judith’s stash that turned into #bhljackietrousers by @ByHandLondon.

Do I feel guilty about my own stash?  I won’t lie, it’s not wee, and dates back 10+ years (the blue coat, a sale bargain).    But the answer is no.  Having a stash is part of my creative process.  Sometimes I start with a garment in mind, then my stash is my own private shop.   More often I start with a fabric I like, then have to work out the garment.  I keep some of my stash fabric on display for inspiration (and it makes me keep it tidy).  The one rule I have is: do not add to the stash unless a fabric really calls out.

I do weed my stash though.  Most of us must have fabrics or patterns which no longer call out to us, so why not move them on to someone who’ll appreciate them?  I bought that navy pinstripe through a charity destash organised in the UK by Lesley @sewsleepdeprived.   Run twice a year since 2019, over £7,000 has been raised for Clic Sargent, the UK’s leading cancer charity for children and young people.  That’s a lot of stash busting!  Follow @destash_for_kids_with_cancer for info about the next destash, planned soon.  For practical purposes Lesley’s efforts are confined to the UK, but it could be set up elsewhere. 

The 3 jeans jacket

There is a great story behind this 3 jeans jacket that Jen talks about in this podcast.

You’ll hear about this detailing by Jen in the podcast

Have a close look at the pocket image and you’ll realise how fun her creativity

Another great use of found fabric

Here’s the found fabric Jen also talks about. Hopefully you’ll feel energised to try your own found fabric make.

This is the slitter fabric Jen discussed as waste from a local mill that she is using.
Less textile waste is a good thing.

Meet Jen Hogg

Thursday 26 November 2020: There are so many great people in Sewover50 and Jen Hogg is one of this supportive online sewing group.

Jen Hogg or jenerates
Jen Hogg for Sewover50 Thursday 26 November 2020

Jen is from Glasgow and you may also know she was on the Great British Sewing Bee Series 5!

Jen has been contributing to the Sewover50 community with her sewing creations and Hogg Hack guests posts. As Jen says – Sewover50: a force for good.

Jen talked about her experience on the Great British Sewing Bee series and how this experience has increased her sewing confidence and provided her with a group of very talented sewing friends.

Amazing sewing skills by Jen

From Jen Hogg, “I can’t remember being taught to sew.  I got my own machine for my 14th birthday and started making my own clothes both from scratch and upcycling charity shop finds.  I took part in The Great British Sewing Bee 2019, reaching the semi-final, and was described by the show as “one of the most talented and consistent sewers ever to take part”.  I was told that my  pattern challenge in the semi-final was as close to perfect as they have ever had, and in fact I was always in the top 3 of the pattern challenge throughout the series.  At home, I usually draft my own patterns though I’m enjoying using commercial patterns as well now, and sometimes I even manage to resist the temptation to hack them.

My makes aren’t limited to textiles.  I’ve always knitted.  I’ve tried every technique I’ve read about, and knitted everything from hats, scarves and jumpers to floor cushions and a footstool.  I enjoy working with colours and textures and often draft my own patterns.  I also silversmith and make jewellery in a variety of materials, I’m interested in photography, and in my time I’ve tried pottery, stained glass, joinery, wrought iron, felting, needlecraft, weaving, and any other crafts which have come my way.  

Since the GBSB, I’ve been taken aback by the reaction to the show.  The kindness of everyone I’ve met through it has been amazing, and I’ve been given the opportunity to run sewing and knitting workshops all over Scotland and to write professionally for national publications. 

Jen with her Juki

I also invented a thing!  Click here to read about the Jenerates Sewing Ruler. 

I collaborate with my GBSB friend Ben Moore as Ben and Jen Textile Studio.  Together we run workshops, often using cashmere surplus from a local mill. 

I live in the South Side of Glasgow with my husband and the HoggDogg, Stanley.  Our children are both away at university now, so the house is a bit quieter than it was!  In my time I’ve been a litigation solicitor, shop owner, graphic designer, card maker and charity advisor, and now a sewing and knitting person.”

Jen is truly a force for good too!


  1. […] Throughout August there was a great line-up of guest editors including Jen Hogg @jenerates who is so overflowing with ideas that she had 4 separate posts! Her first post encouraged us to ‘shop our stash’ if you have one…I know I do! Like her, some of my fabrics are relatively recent purchases, occasionally on impulse although not always by any means, whilst others are fabrics I’ve acquired over a long period of time and from various different sources. Jen sees it as part of her creative process, to have the choice amongst her stash, to inspire her ideas for making. Jen is a multi-talented woman who not only sews but knits, embroiders, makes jewellery, works leather….in the UK you are probably familiar with her from being a contestant on the Great British Sewing Bee, plus you can also listen to her chatting on Sew Organised Style too!  […]


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