Wouter in his latest historical cycling pants

Thursday 12 August 2021: Wouter started sewing 8 years ago when he wanted to know what it would be like to wear a kilt.

Wouter van Wageningen is better known on Instagram and Wouter.vdub
Wouter is very comfortable in his sewing space

Wouter says his sewing skills are not great but you’ll see on his instagram account how much he focusses on fit and great construction techniques.

He has sewn his own clothes for 8 years

X Marks the Scot is the kilt forum Wouter talks about. Have a look for the utility kilt with pockets details that Wouter used in his research to make his own kilt.

Wouter balances being active and sewing his own clothes including his activewear

Wouter was featured in the men who sew post on Sewover50 and he was really pleased to contribute to this podcast series about men who sew.

You’ll hear about his initial sewing experiences as he was growing up.

Wouter is a fan of Thread Theory patterns. He also provides his own patterns to Freesewing.org You can get your version of the cycling breeches Wouter is wearing from Freesewing.org today. They’re called the Cornelius cycling breeches.

Waralee pants designed by Wouter on freesewing.org

These Waralee pants are just one of the designs Wouter has developed for freesewing.org They’re free.

Oh and then there’s the Albert apron Wouter designed for his daughter again on freesewing.org

Sewing advice from Wouter… Find a technique to sew a zipper fly. Get really good at making welt pockets. Master these skills and make a bunch of them. He has more advice that will help new sewists that you’ll hear in his very first podcast.


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