Rhonda Buss

Thursday 5 August 2021: Rhonda Buss or Sewbussted saves dogs using her pilot skills, sews and is a longtime member of the Haute Couture Club of Chicago.

Rhonda Buss for Sewover50

Rhonda Buss or Sewbussted is today’s Sewover50 guest. Rhonda starts chatting about how she saves dogs who go onto doing great things like being therapy dogs. She’s a pilot and she uses this skill to help her local community save dogs in states that keep lost dogs for very long.

She has sewn since the age of 5 and was taught by her grandmother. You would have seen Rhonda create and continue her #1yearchallenge on instagram. This challenge was Rhonda’s response to being in lockdown last year. 

Rhonda’s pilot skills help the community

Yes. Rhonda is a long time member of the Haute Couture Club of Chicago, which is now open to anyone who wants to pop into their monthly Zoom meetings.

Rhonda’s blog has a lot of resources to build your patternmaking and sewing skills.

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