Meet Lucie Harrild

Lucie Harrild is starting up Comhla in the UK

Friday 30 July 2021: Meet Lucie Harrild and her soon to be launched Comhla business that will include teaching mending and sewing in pop up places around the UK later this year.

Lucie Harrild talks about Comhla and her background in sustainability

Lucie has been a sustainability consultant for many years, working with big businesses in the UK on their environmental and social issues and how they deal with them, how they speak to their stakeholders about them and how they create change.

Making it easier to care about the world and get dressed

She decided recently that she wanted to take the knowledge Lucie had built up over the years and apply them more directly to speaking to people in society about the urgent need to tackle our lifestyles and society’s systems in the face of climate change and social inequality.

As many of us, Lucie love clothes and has worked for a couple of big fashion companies in the past and know the huge challenges the industry causes and faces. So Lucie has decided to create a business that provides people with a range of solutions to make their wardrobes more sustainable – the tag line is ‘Making it easier to care about the world and get dressed’.

‘A big part of that is mending and sewing, and inspiring people to either keep their clothes longer by mending themselves, or recognise the amazing skills that creative menders have and therefore sending clothes to them to be fixed. So part of my marketplace site will be to connect customers with menders.’ All the best to you Lucie!

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