James is sew happy

James Nacy

Thursday 29 July 2021: James Nacy from the Sewover50 community is a cellist that uses his cellist skills development for his knitting and sewing and everything else.

James Nacy is on of the many men in the Sewover50 community
The grey shirt James was working on

When James was 7 years old he was taught to sew and knit when he was being looked after by a neighbour. You’ll hear how sewing has played various roles in James’s life from the time he was in middle school onwards.

The jacket made by James featured by Sewover50

James shares his methods of finding fabrics, finding patterns and sewing techniques. There are also the stereotypical responses James has endured as a man buying fabric from a retail store. He now buys his fabrics online as a less negative way to source the fabric he wants to use.

James shares the ways men are not included in the sewing conversations and men do sew and should be included in online discussions.

The Elbe Textiles makes James discussed in this podcast

Elbe Textiles is James’ favourite patterns. There are so many of their patterns that are go-to styles that James makes many versions of. James offers great advice when you want to start sewing mens clothes.

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