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Sewover50 sewing for men series

Thursday 22 July 2021: Susan Young is back to kick off the men who sew series for Sewover50.

Susan Young talks about sewing for men
Mr Y looking very happy thanks to Susan

You may have noticed that she recently made her husband some new gear and in this podcast you’ll hear why she’s done just that. Susan recently wrote a comprehensive article for Love Sewing magazine using the mens sewing research she did and examples of her sewing for her lucky husband.

Susan wanted to sew but had no motivation to continue to sew for herself so while in lockdown, she decided to sew a sweatshirt or 2 for her husband. You’ll hear about her experience and what developments she has begun to see in the online sewing world.

Susan with Mr Y in clothes she’s sewn

This podcast is to support Susan’s research and article in in the coming weeks you’ll hear from the men in the Sewover50 community talk about their sewing experiences. They’ll also discuss ways to get the best outcomes when sewing menswear.

A closer look a Susan’s work

The pattern search terms and fabric names Susan mentions are a great start when you’re learning how to sew mens clothes for beginners.

Thursday 2 July 2020: When lockdown took place in the UK, Susan Young felt like many of us, paralysed by the quick changes we quickly had to make. This was coupled with lots of time on your hands but with restrictions to our previous lifestyle. Have a listen to hear the sewing ideas provided by the Sewover50 community.

Do you batch cut/sew?

While Susan did sew, she didn’t know what to sew next. Her blog post goes through her thought processes and you’ll see how her sewing friends were able to help Susan figure out ‘what to sew next. This blog posts includes lots of insight provided by the Sewover50 community.

Thursday 18 June 2020: Susan Young continues to discuss her Sewover50 blog post about your fabric purchases. This episode goes into weighing up purchasing long lasting plastic-based fabrics against ‘natural’ fibres. Susan refers to her review of the Fashioned from Nature exhibit that took place at the V&A Museum exhibit a few years ago. We then discuss reduce, reuse, recycle. Make sure you read The Golden Thread-how fabric changed history by Kassia St Clair.

Part 2 with Susan Young

Here’s a sneak peek at Susan’s next Sewover50 podcast discussion about Batch sewing.

Thursday 11 June 2020: Susan Young, the official blog writer for Sewover50 compiled another insightful blog post when these questions were posed to Sewover50 followers…“How do you assess your fabric purchases? Is cheap fabric inferior, or can you sometimes find a genuine bargain? Does expensive always mean quality…and what does that mean? How do you weigh up long lasting plastic-based fabrics against ‘natural’ fibres that may gradually wear out but where ageing can add to the appeal of the fabric?

Fabric choices part 1
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is so50-meetup.png
Sewover50 meetup

Thursday 30 April 2020: Susan Young talks about the very first Sewover50 meetup idea came up and what went on behind the scenes to make this such a successful event for everyone. You can read about this wonderful day and see the photos of everyone on Susan’s blog as well as on the Sewover50 instagram account.

Sewover50 meetup behind the scenes
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Thursday 23 April 2020: You’ll hear from the official Sewover50 blog writer, Susan Young.

Susan Young is the official blog writer for Sewover50

Susan Young has written quite a few articles for Sewover50 that you’ll love reading:

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Indie vs big 4 discuss – 4 August 2018

Sewover50 is a growing online community group. Meet/share like-minded sewing folk aged over 50. Use #SewOver50 to be seen/reposted. Started by @judithrosalind . Aided by @sunnydayz06 @susanyoungsewing Susan Young

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