Samantha Purple Sewing Cloud

Tuesday 30 March 2021: Samantha Waude or Purple Sewing Cloud shares her sewing accessibility solutions that work for her as well as some vital research she is about to share with us all.

Listen to Samantha talk about making sewing more accessible
Sewing is a release for Samantha

Since Samantha started talking about her chronic illnesses online, she has been able to find ways to make sewing more accessible for her.

Clothes made by Samantha bring her joy

When you sew your own clothes you can fall into the sewing vortex and this brings Samantha grief and pain in the days after sewing for too long.

Samantha has created a sewing space that allows her to be pain free.

When Samantha realised she needed a sewing machine that would work for her physical limitations, she found it difficult to find any information about the accessible aspects of sewing machines available to home sewers. In this podcast you’ll hear how Samantha’s search for accessible information was embraced by many sewing businesses.


It’s important to show what your makes look like seated and using the hashtag #shownsewnseated is one that everyone can use.

You’ll find Samantha on Instagram, Minvera, and on her blog.

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