Meet Helga

Helga @salixsews

Thursday 27 May 2021: Helga @salixsews felt the warmth of Sewover50 from the moment she made her Instagram account public. She had kept her Instagram account private until she had had enough of feeling isolated through each covid lockdown she had been experiencing.

Helga chats about how Sewover50 has brought her joy.
Helga’s sewing and fashion skills are definitely on show here

In this podcast, Helga tells us about all the recognition she experienced in the first 10 days of opening her Instagram account.

When we all celebrated the 30,000 follower Sewover50 milestone in April, Helga posted some family photos. She is a genealogist and she chats about how sewing is in her blood.

Her life has included an international fashion retail role that you’ll enjoy hearing about.

A great Summer dress to celebrate the season

She considers Sewover50 to be the Mothership and you’ll need to listen to why she says this.

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