Meet Rae Cumbie

Rae Cumbie teaching about pants fitting
Hear Rae Cumbie speak about getting a better fitting pants derriere
Rae continues to teach pants fitting

Tuesday 25 May 2021: Speaking about derrieres is the focus of Rae Cumbie’s podcast for Sewcialists this month. Our theme month is All Butts Welcome and getting a great butt fitting pants is what Rae can help anyone with.

Taking the time to set us a pants test that has all the information about getting a better fitting derriere is an investment in your time for future pants you really want to sew now.

Rae has released a new blog post about improving on your pants pattern.

Rae has written quite a few pants blog posts
Starting on your pants journey
Grainlines on pant patterns are so important
Fabric for fitting pants
A tale of two new pants
Pants for a changed body
Missteps on the eureka pants pattern

Eureka pants pattern

As you can see her Eureka pants pattern has 3 butt shapes in one pattern and thankfully it’s now available as a pdf so you can grab it and have it available to you when you purchase it.

Until 31 May 2021, Rae is offering a 15% off digital pattern for the Eureka pants pattern using coupon code ALLBUTTSWELCOME

The key take away for listeners is to establish your crotch shape for your comfort using horizontal and vertical balance lines. This grid provides a systematic way to resolve your rear pants fit.

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