Meet Kylie of Kylie and the Machine

Kylie at KATM HQ

Monday 24 May 2021: In the upcoming Sewing Weekender on 12 and 13 June 2021, Kylie will be presenting a Behind the Scenes look at Kylie and the Machine HQ. Kylie came back on the podcast to chat about their new HQ digs.

Kylie previews the behind the scenes video for the online Sewing Weekender
Kylie of Kylie and the Machine talking about behind the scenes at KATM HQ
30 March 2020: Introducing Kylie of Kylie and the Machine

30 March 2020: Kylie of Kylie and the Machine (KATM), and I chatted in January. KATM was launched 2 years ago and with the sewing community at the heart of everything she does, you’ll love listening to Kylie.

You’ll quickly realise knowing what makes Kylie happy also fuels her agility and creativity. Her free Ida clutch is such a Frocktail favourite. 

She’s a valued member of the sewing community and her thinking and love for the sewing community are demonstrated not just by her business, but by her actions. She’s a great champion for us to take up sewing and stay creative. We’re so fortunate Kylie shares her stories and gives us ways to also keep going.

You’ll be able to keep up to date with Kylie on her instagram account and be able to buy her labels, buttons, tools and patterns from her shop.

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