Autumn Sewing Celebration

ASG’s first Autumn Sewing Celebration

Monday 15 March 2021: Pete Trimble or Pete Sews will be showcasing ‘sewing down a rabbit hole’ that his followers has been wanting to see for ages. He will do this at the Australian Sewing Guild’s Autumn Sewing Celebration on 27 March 2021.

Listen to Pete Sews for the Autumn Sewing Celebration.

Precision Sewing with Pete Trimble of Pete Sews is what you’ll be excited to see on 27 March 2021.

The details maketh the shirt. 
Pete has a flair for detail and accuracy when he sews, come along on a little journey where fingers get very close to the iron, pinning is preferred and you’ll realise the true meaning of ‘measure twice, cut once’!

It’s all in the detailing

In this presentation Pete will take you through his techniques for adding detail stripes to a cuff, fitting a contrast accent to your yoke seam and everyone’s favourite, felled sleeve seams by sewing down the rabbit hole! Pete will be available during and after the presentation to field questions and provide clarification.

You’ll find Pete Sews on Instagram and on his website Pete Sews.

Monday 8 March 2021: Jenny Scarborough runs through her preparations to attend the online Autumn Sewing Celebrations. She has her technology worked out so she can make the most of the day.

Follow Jenny and get prepared for the Autumn Sewing Celebration

Make sure your sewing room has a comfy chair and the technology to make your day enjoyable. We’ll be using YouTube and Zoom so you’ll need to have a free account so you can post your comments and ask questions of each presenter. Each presenter will be available at the time of their video to answer your questions on the day.

Monday 1 March 2021: Here’s a replay of Trish Hargrave podcast as she is presenting at ASG’s Autumn Sewing Celebration.

Trish Hargrave for ASG’s Autumn Sewing Celebration.

Monday 22 February 2021: Linda Jobson talked about her lingerie history and the latest bra making online series she developed in 2020 so we’re replaying this podcast so you learn more about Linda’s Lingerie.

Autumn Sewing Celebration podcast replay – Linda’s Lingerie 22 February 2021

YouTube: If you’ve not used YouTube before, here’s a beginners guide to using it. All the presentations at the Autumn Sewing Celebration will be hosted on YouTube. You don’t need an account to watch YouTube videos but you will need the link and password to be part of the Autumn Sewing Celebration. Here’s where to get you ticket!

Monday 14 February 2021: Sarah Pondevie talked about Pattern Union patterns for the Australian Sewing Guild in 2020 so we’re replaying this podcast so you can hear the quality of Sarah’s work.

Autumn Sewing Celebration podcast replay – Sarah Pondevie of Pattern Union patterns 14 February 2021

Monday 8 February 2021: On Saturday 27 March 2021 is the first online Autumn Sewing Celebration brought to you by the Australian Sewing Guild.

Hear more about the Autumn Sewing Celebration with Tessa Chesworth

Tessa Chesworth (or teeds_sewed_them on Instagram), the Celebrations Committee lead talks about the aim of the Autumn Sewing Celebration, the program of 14 presentations, the 2 live Zoom sessions including cocktail hour and the virtual showbag for participants.

All participants can ask questions from each presenter on the day and at the end of the day.

Use #askasghelp on the day if you need virtual assistance with your sewing project.

This event is designed to allow you to attend a very full day of presenters both on the day and up to 6 months after the event, from the comfort and safety of your sewing room.

Take a look at the latest ASG Newsletter to get all the information about the program and speakers for the day.

More details about this event will be posted here as we get closer to the day.

10 August 2020: Sarah is the designer behind Pattern Union and she enjoys supporting Australian Sewing Guild members with her patterns. As Sarah says, inclusivity isn’t just about size. Her patterns can be adapted to different body types.

Sarah of Pattern Union, an ASG Industry Partner
Sarah Pondevie provides support to ASG members

Pattern Union was created by Sarah Pondevie, owner of Workspace Fashion and Design school, teacher and maker of fashion, who has a passion for pattern making. Her years of working in made-to-measure clothing and teaching has given her the breadth of knowledge to create a range of clothing patterns that appreciates the fact that traditional sizing does not reflect standard measurements.

Monday 20 July 2020: Trish is the owner of Draft T Studio and a Tasmanian local. She offers Australian Sewing Guild (ASG) members a discount on her online sewing classes. This podcast is one of the many ASG Monday podcasts available.

Trish Hargrave of Draft T Studio
Hear Trish of Draft T Studio
Autumn Sewing Celebration replay with Trish Hargrave

Monday 5 October 2020: Linda Jobson has spent most of her working life making custom made bras and teaches bra making in Queensland and New South Wales. Louise Sparrow, Chair of the Australian Sewing Guild (ASG) talked about the new online bra making video series Linda of Linda’s Lingerie has produced with a discount code for ASG members – found under Industry partners, when members log in.

Linda Jobson of Linda’s Lingerie
Monday 5 October – Linda Jobson

Linda is an Aussie that has adapted her face to face workshops and now provides a set of bra making videos for anyone who’s keen on making bras and continue onto making your own custom made bras.

Tuesday 19 January 2021: Today’s podcast is the second Sewcialists podcast for 2021.

Liz Haywood, Australian author of Zero Waste Sewing
Liz Haywood for Sewcialists 2021 podcasts

Zero waste sewing is the first Sewcialists theme month for 2021 running in February and it’s quite fitting as many people tend to use the new year to rethink their sewing goals. This Sewcialists podcast is one of 2 Zero Waste Sewing podcasts we have developed to support your take up the Zero waste sewing challenge with us at Sewcialists.

Liz Haywood’s Zero Waste Sewing book was a recipient of a 2020 NYC Big Book Award in the craft/hobby category. 

Liz is trained as a clothing patternmaker here in Australia and worked in the fashion industry for twenty years, mainly ladies wear.  She was fortunate to work at many interesting places with talented, inspiring people and you’ll hear about these workplaces in this podcast.  Now Liz lives in South Australia’s Clare Valley with her young family, where she’s re-discovering sewing for pleasure and we’re benefitting from this through her Zero Waste Sewing experience.

Liz originally authored of The Dressmaker’s Companion-A practical guide to sewing clothes, published in 2017.

Pete Trimble’s podcast will be published in March 2021!


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