Meet Sheila O’Kelly

Thursday 11 March 2021: Sheila is a Sewover50 follower that has her unique way of sewing clothes that fit into her lifestyle. You’ll find Sheila on Instagram

Sheila O’Kelly is sharing her sewing knowledge for Sewover50.
Sheila O’Kelly for Sewover50

Here is Sheila’s story.

My mother and grandmother sewed so I always knew about sewing, and I’ve always sewed things like tablecloths and cushion covers. But it was only after my mother died in 2016 that I began to sew clothes. I had attempted it before but got frustrated by my lack of knowledge and inability to fit garments and never made anything I could actually wear. I have more patience now than I did in my youth!

Sewing is my main non-work joy. Although in non-Covid times I am also very involved in amateur drama both on and off the stage; including making costumes. 

When I’m stressed I like to make something simple like the Wiksten Shift Dress; and then other times I like to challenge myself and learn new skills. For example, I recently made the Shoalhaven Shacked by Muna and Broad and that was very satisfying. I had never made a collar with a stand before. 

Sheila has an impressive sewing workroom

I also love knit garments – for comfort and ease.

When did you discover sewover50 and how have you enjoyed being in that community?

I stumbled across sewover50 about 18 months ago; and Sandy also reached out to me. I don’t know how she does it to all of us, but she makes you feel like you are her friend! And I just love seeing gorgeous patterns on people my age – and also via the Curvy Collective, on people of all shapes and sizes.

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  1. Sew happy to have found this site. Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue are my issues for 30+years. Still haven’t managed to accept it. But found my niche with creative sewing.


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