Meet Pete Trimble

Pete Sews (Pete Trimble)

Monday 15 March 2021: Pete Trimble or Pete Sews will be showcasing ‘sewing down a rabbit hole’ that his followers has been wanting to see for ages. He will do this at the Australian Sewing Guild’s Autumn Sewing Celebration on 27 March 2021.

Listen to Pete Sews for the Autumn Sewing Celebration.

Precision Sewing with Pete Trimble of Pete Sews is what you’ll be excited to see on 27 March 2021.

The details maketh the shirt. 
Pete has a flair for detail and accuracy when he sews, come along on a little journey where fingers get very close to the iron, pinning is preferred and you’ll realise the true meaning of ‘measure twice, cut once’!

It’s all in the detailing

In this presentation Pete will take you through his techniques for adding detail stripes to a cuff, fitting a contrast accent to your yoke seam and everyone’s favourite, felled sleeve seams by sewing down the rabbit hole! Pete will be available during and after the presentation to field questions and provide clarification.

Attention to detail

You’ll find Pete Sews on Instagram and on his website Pete Sews.

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