Meet Cennetta Burwell

Thursday 25 February 2021: Cennetta’s Sewover50 podcast is replayed to recognise Black History Month.

Cennetta Burwell BHM sewover50 podcast replay

Thursday 22 October 2020: Cennetta Burwell or the Mahogany Stylist describes herself as ‘Julia Baker meets June Cleaver’. Cennetta gave us her time as a Sewover50 stalwart and it’s a real thrill to meet a sewist that has been blogging and sharing her skills online since 2007.

Cennetta Burwell
Thursday 20 October 2020: Cennetta Burwell

Cennetta started her blog in 2007 after following Pattern Review for nearly five years before joining.  Initially, Cennetta wanted to share reviews and projects like so many others in blogland at the time.  Cennetta is motivated to pay it forward and she’s a great fit for being an active Sewover50 member.  Pattern review had been a great resource and she learned so many techniques, shortcuts, and alternative construction processes from sewists of all levels.

Cenetta has great sewing skills looks amazing in Cashmerette Appleton Dress

As Cennetta says, ‘I’ve been sewing and crafting for over 40 years.  It started when I was about 10 years old, the sewing part at least.  As a kid, I was always doing something creative.  Back to the sewing..,  I made doll clothes from scraps given to me.  It was so much fun.  By age 12 in middle school, students were “required” to take home economics (cooking and sewing) and shop.  This was my first formal class in sewing.  But like most sewists, I come from a family where women make and sew all sorts of things.  I grew up during a time where women spent a lot of time in the home and they used their creative talents to improve their lifestyle.  Both of my grandmothers sewed, making everything from quilts, to baby clothes, to wardrobes that any woman would love to have.  Most of my family thinks I’m more like my paternal grandmother.  This woman was super creative and quite the entrepreneur.’

New Look 6594 in a gorgeous kelly green tencel fabric

There’s always more than one way to the museum.

Sewover50 is a source of motivation and inspiration for Cennetta. They’re a group like Cennetta and sewists in Sewover50 have learnt to sew in a similar way to how she was taught to sew. She learns something from the Sewover50 community all the time.

You’ll also hear Cennetta talk about the Haute Couture Club of Chicago.

Black History Month podcast replays: Sewover50 will be replaying previous podcasts featuring Black sewing community sewists that keep the over50s sewists in our community visible. They give their time to sewists everyday and in so many ways in during Black History Month, we’ll replay these podcasts one more time. Carol Crocker-Ware, Carrie Cunningham, Cennetta Burwell and CeeSews.

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