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Monday 22 February 2021: Linda is a presenter at the Australian Sewing Guild’s first online Autumn Sewing Celebration on 27 March and Linda was happy to replay this podcast so you can here more about her work.

Autumn Sewing Celebration podcast replay – Linda Jobson is a presenter

Monday 5 October 2020: Linda Jobson has spent most of her working life making custom made bras and teaches bra making in Queensland and New South Wales. Louise Sparrow, Chair of the Australian Sewing Guild (ASG) talked about the new online bra making video series Linda of Linda’s Lingerie has produced with a discount code for ASG members – found under Industry partners, when members log in.

Linda Jobson of Linda’s Lingerie
Monday 5 October – Linda Jobson

Linda is an Aussie that has adapted her face to face workshops and now provides a set of bra making videos for anyone who’s keen on making bras and continue onto making your own custom made bras.

Linda’s strength Linda’s Lingerie to cater for the needs of all women, no matter what size or shape they are, who find it impossible to buy a bra that fits them where they need the bra to fit, to be comfortable, supportive and pretty.

The smile you have once you make your own bra

Linda Jobson has been sewing since she was 9 years old, and owned a fabric shop in Sydney, Australia from 1980-1983, where she taught stretch sewing techniques. This proved to be the foundation Linda needed when she was asked to teach bra making classes in Brisbane, Australia back in 1992. Teaching how to sew a bra was easy, the big challenge was in the fitting. So was born the idea of making made-to-measure bras. Linda now has over 20 years experience and has helped hundreds of ladies with their personal bra challenges, even some ladies overseas in England and America!

Linda’s Lingerie are also a Queensland fitter for Perfect Again Breast Forms. Read more about why Perfect Again breast forms are the best breast form  after a mastectomy. You can hear Julie Brand of Perfect Again Breast Forms on Julie’s earlier podcast.

A longline bra for special occasions


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