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Jenny Kee and Linda Jackson

Episode 13: Conversation with Jenny Kee and Linda Jackson. Thank you to the Powerhouse Museum for giving us permission to publish this audience recording at this free event. 1 hour 16 minutes audio time.

Jenny Kee and Linda Jackson: Step Into Paradise is the first in-depth survey that captures the dynamic energy of Linda and Jenny’s creative partnership. It draws on more than four decades of one of the most influential pairings in the history of Australian fashion, examining the influences, inspirations and the compelling stories behind their work.

Honoured as Officers in the Order of Australia for their contributions to Australia’s fashion industry, Jenny Kee and Linda Jackson transformed the nation’s fashion and cultural heritage with their pioneering style inspired by Australia’s cultural and natural landscape, melded with their global influences.

The exhibition begins with their creative partnership in the 1970s at the Flamingo Park Frock Salon at Sydney’s Strand arcade and the sensational Flamingo Follies fashion parades, branching into their distinctive individual careers through to recent years including Jenny’s costume designs for the Sydney Olympic Games and their collaborations with Australian designers Romance Was Born.

Over 150 garments, textiles, photographs and artworks, many unseen, from the Museum’s own extensive collection are brought together with the designers’ personal archives. Highlight pieces on display include artwork from the pair and archival behind the scenes photographs, Jenny Kee’s black opal Chanel suit from Karl Lagerfeld’s first collection in 1983 and Linda Jackson’s iconic Waratah dress.

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Erica Bunker DIY Style

Episode 12: Chatting to Erica Bunker was very special to us. Erica is our first ‘Style’ guest. 38 minutes audio time.

Building a home-sewn wardrobe takes patience in allowing yourself to grow, learn and to tolerate occasional setbacks.

Listen to how Erica has empowered home sewers to look beyond outdated commercial pattern instructions, select fine fabrics and the fundamentals of creating a luxurious and stylish home-sewn wardrobe.

If you missed her collaboration podcast with Eryn from Style Sew Me patterns – Erica dress – listen to podcast #9 now.

Erica’s website is always available and has all her details and latest tutorials and blog posts.

I’m sure you already follow Erica on instagram so here’s the link if you missed it.

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Erica Dress launch

Episode 10 – Special podcast to support Erica Bunker’s dress design launch at Eryn’s Sew Style Me patterns 19 minutes audio time.

This special Sew Organised Style podcast was produced to support a new collaboration with Erica Bunker’s new pattern within Eryn the founder of Style Sew Me patterns.

Followers of both Erica and Eryn’s work within the sewing community will have seen the Instagram post last week.

Erica Bunker DIY Style empowers home sewers to sew better through her DIY wardrobe work; her Baby Lock Ambassador role and as a Mood Society Blogger. She’s a Real-Life Grown-Ass Woman Sewing.

Eryn’s Sew Style Me blog started in 2014 and now Eryn creates a reflection of her vision of a versatile, comfortable, and stylish wardrobe took form in my Style Sew Me pattern collection, where she provides patterns that are straight forward, versatile, and flattering for all body types.

Today Erica and Eryn launched their collaboration pattern – Erica Dress – and they gave us their time to talk about how this new pattern design was created through their long term friendship.

We are so thankful they were happy to let us support their collaboration through our growing podcast channel.

Keep an ear out for future podcasts featuring Erica Bunker and Eryn.

This special Sew Organised Style podcast was produced by Maria Theoharous and Anne Whalley, the Pattern Whisperer. Sound by bensound dot com

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What influences our ‘what to sew next’ decisions

Episode 7: The Pattern Whisperer, Anne Whalley, chats about this topic as a follow on from her blog post 30 minutes audio time.

Have you listened to her latest podcast yet?
Do you have a list?
Do you look for what others are doing?
Is there a style icon you follow?
Do you follow ‘fashion’/’celebrities’?
Anne originally wrote about this topic on her blog in 2017. If you’re a fan of Anne, I know you’ll have read this blog post at the time. Have a listen to this podcast and then have a read of her insightful article.

Have you already listened to Anne’s first podcast Style and invisibility yet?
I know you want to know more about Anne’s style workshops. You can find Anne – the Pattern Whisperer on Youtube, blog and instagram.

Keep an eye out for Anne’s next podcast on Time management. But there could be a more timely podcast being developed as right now. Support us via our Patreon page.

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Style and invisibility

Episode 6: Style advice by style expert Anne Whalley The Pattern Whisperer. 27 minutes audio time.

Style guru and the Pattern Whisperer, Anne Whalley

Anne has given us a few ideas in her very first style podcast that she had written on her blog called Invisible zips are meant to be invisible, not you.

I know you want to know more about Anne’s style workshops. You can find Anne – the Pattern Whisperer on Youtube, blog, instagram
Keep an eye out for Anne’s next podcast – What influences our ‘what to sew next’ decision.

This podcast was produced by Anne Whalley and Maria Theoharous. Permission obtained from Anne Whalley. Sound by Bensound. Support us via our Patreon page.