Miss Celie’s Pants

Tuesday 1 December 2020: Renee Samuels or Miss Celie’s Pants is today’s volunteer Sewcialists editor on Sewcialists Tuesday podcast.

Miss Celie’s Pants for the Sewcialists

If you don’t aleady know the story behind Renee’s online name, have a listen in and hear how she chose Miss Celie’s Pants. Many people know Renee through her sewing blog. She’s been blogging her sewing journey since 2008!

Miss Celie’s Pants or Renee Samuels

Renee’s love of Baltimore is infectious.

Renee’s grandmother sewed and her Grandfather was a tailor back in Grenada. When she asked her mother that she wanted to sew her own clothes after sewing commercial patterns in Germany, one of their church friends taught Renee how to sew.

Wearing her fabulous Style Arc Besharl Jacket

Did you first meet Renee through Pattern Review? She’s been a member since 2002 and has been a moderator for Pattern Review as well.

Sewcialists are a recent find for Renee. Renee is an experienced maker who is willing to provide information to other makers who rely on their fellow makers for good advice.

Renee encourages people to follow the Sewcialists especially if you want to hear voices different to the voices you often hear in the sewing community.

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