Clothing the Gap

Sarah Sheridan

Friday 27 November 2020: You would have seen the Sewcialists and yours truly repost about one of our local Australian textile company called Clothing the Gap.

Listen to Sarah Sheridan of Clothing the Gap

Clothing The Gap is a Victorian Aboriginal owned and led social enterprise.

Clothing the Gap – an Ethical Clothing Australia accredited company

You’ll hear from the Clothing the Gap fam Director of Operations, Sarah Sheridan.

As Sarah says: ‘I show up to contribute to the success of a brand that has the ability to be independent, agile and meaningful in the way that it does business for real change.

I’m a non-Indigenous Co-Founder and Director in an Aboriginal owned and led business with my business partner Laura. This means that for me, Aboriginal leadership is key. Being aware of my role, the space I take up and when I can step in to reduce the emotional labour of racism for my Aboriginal colleagues is vital.’

MOB Ally logo

Here’s a good fact to know. The masks sold by Clothing the Gap are created and dispatched in an 8km radius of their location in Melbourne.

Sarah talks about one of the key campaigns they support – Free the flag. Then go to the #pridenotprofit petition. You can find the Free the flag logo here.

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