Meet Marianne Koster

Thursday 15 October 2020: You’ll find Marianne at her Instagram account of foxglovesandthimbles. In her first podcast Marianne takes a trip down memory lane, looking back at 45 years of sewing.

Marianne Koster in her memade clothes
Thursday 14 October 2020 – Marianne Koster for Sewover50

Her sewing skill interests were started with her mother and sister but Marianne really took to sewing through the mentoring of her future mother-in-law. This was when Marianne really took to sewing.

However her sewing love took a major leap when she went to Amsterdam to purchase her overlocking machine. She got a brand new perspective on sewing after 35 years.

Jackets made by Marianne. The purple fabric was specially woven by Marianne’s daughter

Marianne’s sewing skills hit fifth gear when she discovered sewing books that focussed on fitting once she started to read sewing blogs. You’ll love hearing the joy sewing brings to Marianne’s life.

An amazing classic French jacket made by Marianne – #So50flatlay2020

Marianne found a group that made French jackets and as you can see, she’s mastered couture sewing techniques.

Marianne was initially sceptical of Sewover50 and her thoughts about the importance of being visible after 50 was the point of her guest post for Sewover50.

As Marianne says, the picture with the bright floral jumpsuit in the garden is the most ‘me’. Marianne enjoys making coats and jackets. These are also proof that she is not afraid of colour!

When Marianne was a guest poster for Sewover50, she quickly realised how much work is done to keep Sewover50 visible by Judith, Sandy and Susan. She did love the mini challenge recently handmade holiday wardrobes while we’re all be dealing with travel restrictions in our home countries.

Be yourself and embrace the body you are now.


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