Charm Patterns by Gertie

Monday 26 November 2020: Gretchen Hirsch or Gertie, responded to the Pandemic by developing the free Harlow Pajama pattern.

Charm patterns by Gertie presents her Harlow Pajamas
Monday 26 October 2020 – Gertie talks about the Harlow Pajamas

Some people find Youtube videos are how they learn and sew. Gertie has developed a Youtube tutorial that runs for just under 2 hours, to help new sewists along. The Harlow pajama pattern by Gertie was sponsored by B&J Fabrics to give back to the sewing community. The Australian Sewing Guild picked this free pattern as their October sewing challenge for members to make their own pajamas.

How you decide to wear your 30’s inspired pajamas is your decision

These are a ’30s-inspired pajamas designed to be made in something slinky for optimum glamour. Alternatively go ahead and choose a fun cotton for a beachy retro vibe that suits our upcoming Summer conditions.

In the podcast Gertie talks about how she’s been managing to keep Charm Patterns going during their local restrictions in place. The nice thing for us in Australia, we’ll be privy to Gertie’s upcoming fabric that will be made available soon.

Here is the podcast transcript, thanks to the hard work of Helene Gassman, member secretary of the Australian Sewing Guild.

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