Meet Debbie Kreiling

Monday 12 October 2020: Debbie Kreiling worked at Simplicity for 39 years and on her podcast you’ll hear the depth of work put into every pattern they made and the joy she had at Simplicity.

Deb Kreiling
Deb Kreiling worked at Simplicity Patterns for 39 years

Deb had so many roles throughout her time at Simplicity and she learnt her vast skills from the people that were her colleagues and friends. Hopefully one day Deb chronicles all the work that went into pattern making for future generations to learn from.

Deb Krieling

If you’ve ever wondered, Deb tells us about the reason behind numbers on Simplicity’s pattern pieces. Keep an ear out for the time Simplicity took to originally produce a pattern from line design to sale. Her passion for martial arts helped Deb conquer the work challenges she faced in her career.

Deb wearing her version of New Look 6124

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Star – Deb’s beloved custom made bike she rides in Hackensack

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