Ilaria and sustainability

Friday 11 September 2020: September has many sustainability challenges on Instagram and Illaria or Ilaasiam is an Australian local that has a sustainability hashtag you might want to learn more about #sustainablestylesept.

Wearing a cardi from her mother with new buttons
Sewing Save Series with Ilaria

Sustainability challenges are ongoing challenges and last a lifetime, but you need to make that first step and try sustainability somewhere in your daily life.

These are the #sustainablestylesept details you might want to try.

Ilaria is doing just that. She talks about how she was overwhelmed by the amount of good sustainability information is available so in her local community, many of her neighbours are being sustainable with their clothing, recycling and bartering to preserve our local resources.

Sustainable clothing all the family loves

This is a cute sustainable piece Ilaria’s daughter loves to wear on the farm.

Remember Tricia of Morrissews

Tricia of Morrissews is currently ensuring we all know the variety of sustainability challenges that are happening right now with her daily IG posts such as  #septtextilelove
 @seam_collective #sewsustainablefabric #sewsustainablefabric #sustainablestylesept 

Tricia was on the podcast in August for Sewover50 Thursday podcast, talking about her sustainable approach to sewing.

Hannah and Rosie of The New Craft House are running #Sewyourselfsustainable

Make sure you follow #sewyourselfsustainable by @newcrafthouse You’re doing a splendid job each day Hannah and Rosie with your daily sustainable prompts.

Make sure you follow New Craft House

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