Meet Donna Bowman

Donna Bowman

Tuesday 8 September 2020: As an avid reader of Sewcialists blog post and their instagram account, you would have read the home front mask making research Donna Bowman is undertaking right now.
Here’s a link to Donna’s mask making research and this is a link to Donna’s profile.

Tuesday 8 September 2020 – Donna Bowman – Mask research
Donna Bowman is conducting an international mask making research project.

In 2013, Donna undertook her first research project and the results of her first study has resulted in a prayer shawl ministries reference text. Her research skills then lead Donna to conduct her second craft research project about the pink hats used in the women’s marches in 2016.

Here is Donna’s published Prayer Shawl Ministries research

This year Donna is now undertaking a global project about making masks. Her research is international and everyone who has undertaking making masks in various countries at different times should respond to Donna’s survey. Here’s the link to make your contribution.

In this podcast, you’ll hear how Donna is applying her tertiary teaching and research skills to conduct this timely piece of research.

As Donna says, ‘we don’t need to be limited to the skill set we’ve developed up until this point, that often the things that we are called upon to do require developing new skills. We may not do them perfectly the first time but the acquisition of new skills means we can meet a new moment perhaps the right skill for the moment. This is one of the big ‘take aways’ of the mask making phenomenon.’ You’ll hear Donna talk more about this in her podcast.

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