Meet Poppykettle

Series 3 episode 4: Melanie Anderson decided she wanted a better worklife balance when she decided to learn to sew.

Mel’s classic French jacket – Shebert Bomb Chanel

Mel decided she needed something that filled her bucket and sewing was the skill that she decided to develop so many years ago. This link takes you to her completed projects on her blog. Here’s a link to her Instagram account. She’s a sewist, feminist and engineer.

These are Mel’s Patrone’s pink shorts made in 2014.

Once Mel had decided to take her sewing skills to the next level, couture sewing was her next big achievement. Her writing and ability to share these couture sewing school experiences are really well written on her blog too.

Such a great fitted jacket and Mel’s pattern matching game is strong.

Go to Mel’s blog to read her posts about her first couture classes she did with Susan Khalje.

Such gorgeous colours

When Susan’s classes were conducted in Melbourne a few years ago, the couture participants kept in touch after these classes and the sewing lead, Tatyana Anderson, formed her Couture Sewing School in Melbourne.

Tatyana’s online couture sewing assistance is now available.

Tatyana now offers online couture sewing classes and has launched some great patterns too.

Here is the transcript of this podcast, courtesy of Helene Gassman of the Australian Sewing Guild.

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