Isolation headband challenge

Judith Staley’s first podcast


Congratulations to Jessica, Jane, Lori and Julie and head to the tag #isolationheadband and see why it was so difficult to choose. 

From top left clockwise: ´Look at me’ by Jessica @jpearl05 ‘Going under the radar’ Jane @pillowparlance Dapper Ma’am, Style Queen Julie @juliedelves2 ´Let’s do the twist’ Lori @lbj317 .

Background story: Many sewing challenges are run over weeks and there are many incentives to participate.

This challenge developed by Sandy Bach of Sewover50 was run over one weekend in April 2020. It was fast, simple and needed at the time of social isolation.

How do you look and feel great when your crowing glory is overgrowing and showing your natural hair colour. While we’re staying safe in our homes, how does one do the small things that make us feel happy?

The aim of the challenge was to sew something to cover up your hair and more importantly, have a bit of fun.


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