Series 2, episode 13: Emily (bonnets and bits), AJ (confused kitty sewing) and Sara (ladauphine costuming) are the thoughtful force that gives us canyousewthisforme every day in instagram.

This team are such a breath of fresh air for the sewing community.
Left to right: Sara, Emily and AJ

This wonderful team bring us those ridiculous requests and communications we get as sewists and fibre artists. Their account is like therapy for sewists.

It’s that sentence ‘Can you sew this for me?’ that makes people who create as a hobby have to listen to the requests they get and then either accept the request or politely decline and redirect the request elsewhere.

It’s ok to ask for what you’re worth.

These costumes are worth a mint!

It’s that fine line between wanting to help someone and knowing the request is demeaning and at times hurtful. When the request spirals out of control it really is a case of ‘It’s not me it’s you’ or just simply say ‘no’.

Emily started sewing recently where she began commissioning Cosplay costumes to now making her own period costumes. AJ has been sewing costumes as a young girl. Sara is a 1950s vintage dress fan.

Look out for Saturday sweets! They ran a ‘Sweet week’ in April too.

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