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Episode 7, Series 2: As we’re all coping with staying home for various periods to slow down the spread of COVID-19 as recommended by the medical profession in your country, remember your online sewing friends can lend you a hand if you’re struggling during this time. Amy @makingmarilynemulatingelle, Gillian @sewcialists and Elizabeth @elizabethmadethis have a few tips to keep you feeling positive, and we’re sharing these ideas in this podcast.
This is a sewing community support podcast only.

#isewneedafriend by makingmarilynemulatingelle
Hey Aussie and International sewing peeps. Many people are going to be in quarantine in the next few weeks and months. Some of us will emotionally struggle with being on their own, especially if they are anxious or depressed. So, I’m trying to start #isewneedafriend. I’m going to have this hashtag on notifications. If you are anxious, depressed, or just have cabin fever, do a post with #isewneedafriend. Otherwise send me a message and I will happily chat with you about anything and everything if I am awake. Let’s get through this together sewing peeps!!!! 

#sewstayhome by Gillian of @sewcialists
Looks like a lot of us will be staying home a lot to slow the spread of COVID-19, and we here at @sewcialists are wondering how we can help during this stressful time! 🥰We know that a lot of Sewcialists are anxious and introverted, and that a lot of our community have health concerns that makes them more vulnerable. We are thinking of everyone out there who is facing financial struggles, a lack of child care, and everything else that may come our way! We would love to hear your ideas and suggestions below on how we could give everyone a nice safe spot in their day! 💡 💡 💡 whats a fun project we could start as a community? – Gillian #sewstayhome

Sewing ideas newsletter from Elizabeth of @Elizabethmadethis
1. Batch sew!:  Pick up your favorite pattern and make a few of them.  Here’s some tips to help streamline batch sewing.

2.  Sew with a friend virtually: I know we’re all being advised to stay home if we can, but dang it that’s isolating!  Check in on a sewing friend and have some good talking time while you sew together over a video chat.  It’ll help both of you, plus you’ll get some stuff done!

3.  Sew with your kids:  If you do have kids home now for an extended time, you can work on some simple projects together.  You can check out some of these easy sewing projects for some simple ideas that won’t take too long for them or be too complicated.  For something out of the box, you can embroider some of their art work on a favorite t-shirt.  

4.  Sew up your nicest fabric: in uncertain times, maybe reach for your nicest fabric and sew it up into something you’ve been dreaming of.  There’s no time like the present, eh?  I myself am going between eyeing some silk jersey and real leather…

5.  Sew for others: okay, don’t sew for others if you are sick.  But provided you’re healthy, sewing for others can take the edge off your stress.  It’s good for your heart!  Here’s 12 charities that’ll put your sewing skills to good use.

Above all, take care of yourself, keep washing your hands, and know that this too shall pass.  

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