Stitchless TV

Episode 6, series 2 brings you Tree of Stitchless TV.

Tree of Stitchless TV has constantly provided YouTube videos to demystify sewing. Any type of sewing is no mystery to Tree and her videos are her way of sharing her curious mind and useful solutions.

You’ll love listening to Tree talk about her passion – sewing!

You’ll kick yourself if you haven’t already accessed Tree’s many sewing videos. She makes sewing that much easier and isn’t that what the online sewing community is about?
You’ll hear the fire inside her that keeps her video development an ongoing resource for us all.

Listen to the story behind the Pontoon dress

Tree is so resourceful you’ll have hop into her Instagram account. I did mention Tree’s YouTube account but did you know Tree has an Etsy store. She also has a very active Facebook account where you can see what Tree’s up to.

Juud is her biggest fan. You’ll hear about their meeting in real life!

Tree also mentions her New York and Frida Khalo printed fabric shop at FASHION FORMULA 

A big thanks to our podcast sponsor
Style Sew Me patterns.

Take Control of Your Style

Sew stylish and versatile pieces that fit perfectly in your active lifestyle. Their women’s sewing patterns are your canvas to create your uniquely perfect look.

Remember listening to Eryn and Erica last year when they launched the Erica dress? This was an impromptu podcast and you can hear just how collaborative and supportive Eryn is in true life.

Head over to Style Sew Me patterns and have a peek at their pattern range now!

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