Erica Bunker DIY Style

Episode 12: Chatting to Erica Bunker was very special to us. Erica is our first ‘Style’ guest. 38 minutes audio time.

Building a home-sewn wardrobe takes patience in allowing yourself to grow, learn and to tolerate occasional setbacks.

Listen to how Erica has empowered home sewers to look beyond outdated commercial pattern instructions, select fine fabrics and the fundamentals of creating a luxurious and stylish home-sewn wardrobe.

If you missed her collaboration podcast with Eryn from Style Sew Me patterns – Erica dress – listen to podcast #9 now.

Erica’s website is always available and has all her details and latest tutorials and blog posts.

I’m sure you already follow Erica on instagram so here’s the link if you missed it.

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