Erica Dress launch

Series 1 Episode 10 – Special podcast to support Erica Bunker’s dress design launch at Eryn’s Sew Style Me patterns 13 minutes audio time.

Erica Dress launch by Style Sew Me patterns

This special Sew Organised Style podcast was produced to support a new collaboration with Erica Bunker’s new pattern within Eryn the founder of Style Sew Me patterns with their permission.

Followers of both Erica and Eryn’s work within the sewing community will have seen the Instagram post last week.

Erica Bunker DIY Style empowers home sewers to sew better through her DIY wardrobe work; her Baby Lock Ambassador role and as a Mood Society Blogger. She’s a Real-Life Grown-Ass Woman Sewing.

Eryn’s Sew Style Me blog started in 2014 and now Eryn creates a reflection of her vision of a versatile, comfortable, and stylish wardrobe took form in my Style Sew Me pattern collection, where she provides patterns that are straight forward, versatile, and flattering for all body types.

Today Erica and Eryn launched their collaboration pattern – Erica Dress – and they gave us their time to talk about how this new pattern design was created through their long term friendship.

I’m so thankful they were happy to let us support their collaboration through Sew Organised Style podcast channel.

Keep an ear out for future podcasts featuring Erica Bunker and Eryn.

This special Sew Organised Style podcast was produced by Maria Theoharous. Sound by bensound dot com

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